Saturday, 30 July 2011

big things to buy - update

immediate priorities list ~
- soundwave revolution ticket ($160)
- new blonde clip in extensions ($110)
- GHD hair straightener ($300)
-  a good, high resolution camera ($800ish?)

not so immediate because these things will take me forever to save for.
this week coming up i will try and save around $20 of my pay, i hope i can save a bit. then not this week coming up but the one after, (that payday will be the 11th of August) i will save $50 towards my revolution ticket. that will mean i have $70 or more saved up for it. then for the next two weeks i will put away $50 so i should have enough for my revolution ticket by the 25th of August. i fucking better, that's only a month before it's actually on. i fucking hope they don't sell out of tickets.

then it will only take me two weeks after that to have enough for my extensions. so i hope to have bought (ordered) them by the 8th of September. and i bloody hope they come very soon after i order them because i will probably be blonde by then and will need extensions lol. i cannot stand my hair short.
i will just dye the top half/most of my real hair blonde and keep the bottom of my hair dark while i still have dark extensions. then once i get my blonde extensions i'll get the bottom parts of my hair blonde.
i might even have to ask mum if she could lend me some money for these extensions, because i really need them asap.

then it will take me around another 6 weeks or so for my GHD, i'm not too fussed about that because my current hair straightener is fine apart from the fact it damages my hair.

i will then begin saving for my camera. it will take fucking ages, but it will be quite late in the year by the time i have bought all the other things on this list and i can ask mum to put a few hundred in for christmas. and i can put some of the money i get from my family for christmas towards it.



ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, how i'd love to be earning more. -___-

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