Sunday, 26 June 2011

so i'm pretty happy that i got my laptop~

now i can blog a LOT more, plus i can do it on the computer which means i can update my background and theme etc, and i don't know it's just going to be quite beneficial for my blog.
also now i can afford some other things, and i can begin saving for other things!
i have a list of big things that i am saving up for, they are: (in order of importance)
- laptop  ($550 on my part)
good oversized statement handbag (looking to spend around $200)
- soundwave revolution ticket ($175)
-  high-resolution camera, like a really good one. (looking to spend around $500)
- ipod classic ($300)
- a new really good quality loud ipod dock
-  micro-bead permanent extensions ($300)
-  double bed (a few hundred)
- double mattress (A LOT LOL)

as you can see i'll be saving for a long time but i just need to sort out my priorities and i'm confident i can purchase every single thing on that list. i am so unbelievably proud that i bought a laptop after only saving for a few months. and within the next few weeks i'll be going on a plan with the BlackBerry Bold, i think it's around $50 a month which i'll be able to do i'm sure. i know a lot of people don't like blackberry's, they think they're bad technology and will be outdated within a year (or at least that's what my boyfriend thinks) but i honestly love them to death. before i got the phone i have now, (the motorolla TX5, an android phone) i had the BlackBerry Curve. it was my most loved phone that i've had yet, and i do realize how retarded it sounds but i was honestly attached to that phone. i was on it constantly and it got me through a lot of bad situations that i ended up in last year. i loved the software and i literally despise touch phones, so i was very angry when i had to get the phone i have now, and blackberry's are the few good phones left that aren't touch screen. the phone that i have now has a few cracks in it, and i would care more but i honestly hate it so it's just more of a reason to get rid of it. i've told my boyfriend he can have it when i get my new phone because he is locked into a contract with a phone that broke and can't be repaired, so he's been using a really shitty one.
so i'll be getting my new BlackBerry within the next week or so, just as long it takes me to use up the credit i just bought i suppose. i hate wasting money. then that will be two technology based things i've just rewarded myself with, omg think of all the blogging and tweeting i'll be doing when i have a phone i actually like.

so with this statement handbag that i want, EOFYS or end of financial year sales are happening very soon and i'm hoping to pick up a really nice, oversized handbag that stands out compared to the dull things that i usually wear, and i'm hoping to get it a bit cheaper than they usually are. if not i'm fine with that, if i can't afford one that i like i'll put it on layby and pay it off over time, i love saving purely for the good feeling you get when you finally pay off the thing you've been saving for.
here are some pictures of handbags i found on google, i like them but i think i'm going to have to search high and low for the right bag. it has to be perfect, and massive, and have lots of different pockets and compartments, and be out there. preferably a different colour, like a bright red.

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