Monday, 9 May 2011

pampering myself tonight!




i washed my hair before and now it feels lovely. i ran out of conditioner a week or so ago and haven't gotten around to buying a new one, so i've been using treatments as conditioner. it's sooooo good. my hair is beautiful and healthy and i can't wait to go blonde again, it will be fantastic. i'm going to slowly get more and more blonde streaks till my hair is natural blonde with brown steaks. going to be expensive..
i also have a full tub of atomic turquoise manic panic that Juleyin bought me for my birthday when i had pink and blue hair. i never used it and i really want to considering it was a birthday gift and he had to order it in. once i'm blonde i'll do the tips and some streaks blue. work shouldn't mind.

after i washed my hair i used a facemask. i did a drama performance today for an assessment task and we had to be clowns. we went over to the primary school next to our school and performed for the kindergarten kids. they loved it.

the clown makeup would have dried out my skin quite badly so the facemask helped a fair bit :) my skin felt and looked so wonderful afterwards.

then i waxed my eyebrows! mum bought me some mini wax strips because i hate how expensive it is to get my eyebrows waxed at the hairdressers or beauty salon. they work really well and i feel so much better now because i hate thick eyebrows and get very insecure about it. i did them realllllly thin this time.

then i painted my nails a lovely green colour. i bought some good nail polish a few weeks back, and i was pretty mad at myself for spending my money. it was only $8 but that is quite a bit to me for just nail polish. so i painted them, and realised that good polish is worth the money - they didn't streak and look so pretty. just hope i don't get sheet marks tonight, i always seem to when i paint my nails at night.

to end my wonderful night i had a delicious steak burger for dinner with egg and salad.

you have no idea how happy i am.

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