Monday, 9 May 2011

i need more money!

gshjojfdjk so much to buy and i hate it.
so most weeks, unless i pick up extra shifts (which is rare) i earn $100 per week. i've recently realised this is not enough money to live off. i put away $50 p/wk for my laptop that i'm saving for. this will continue for the better part of this year. then each week i have to put money away for my credit, i go to a lot of parties so i spend a lot of money on alcohol, weed and cigarettes, and i always buy unnecessary things as well as bad food such as mcdonald's every time i go out. this week i am completely broke because last week i spent all my money while drunk.

once i have enough for my laptop (and mum is putting a few hundred in as a christmas present) i need to save for a camera and then a car. i think i might ask for a camera as a birthday present in february next year though. i also need a new ipod and really want a classic, and i want a new phone, mine is a piece of shit.

i just have to work on not spending my money on pointless shit :(

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