Thursday, 2 June 2011


is going to be the best day! so many good reasons why too ;)

ok, obvious reason; it's friday ♪♪♪♪
it's also mufti, which is lovely because i never get to feel pretty at school and it'll avoid me having to get changed afterwards ♡
it's also the last of my exams. i'll post about how they're going a bit later.
it's also payday, which means i can buy my new vans that i've been waiting for eeeeeee! ^-^ ★
then i get to dress up, go out to dinner and then party afterwards! sooooooo keen!

kay here's the plan.
go to school looking cute (i'll probably post a picture tomorrow and let you know how my day went), then do my two hour science exam (ew), then science last period (how ironic), then go to tweed city.
trust me, there is nothing and nowhere i hate spending time more than tweed city, particularly since i started working there - but they have a city beach there and i want my vans.
then i'll get some cash out and raceeeee back to the bus stop and hopefully get home relatively early. i'll then relax, and get ready for dinner. i also must remember to paint my nails and moisturize.
then i'll either catch a bus or get my brother to drive me to juleyin's house around 6 o'clock. we're meeting everyone at the aztec for dinner at around 6:30, and we'll just walk there from juleyin's - it's literally down the road.
then after dinner we're going for desert at cold rock (an icecream place), and then off to todd's for the after party! if it's not too late we can get a bus there, if not juleyin's dad can drive us.
i'll have basically $00 so i don't know what i'm supposed to do for drinks or smokes.
also, mum seems to think she wants to pick us up from the party but i want to be there for quite a while and she doesn't get that, but she better.

i'll try my hardest to take many photos tomorrow/tomorrow night.

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