Monday, 16 May 2011

gym update

so i called the gym today. i was really embarrassed and must have sounded so dumb on the phone, i was like 'um, can i like, join pl0x?'
but anyway. they have another special on at the moment that will save me $5 a fortnight. which is a bit when you think about it. thing is, it ends tomorrow. so while i'm at school tomorrow mummy is going to go down there and sign for me (cos i need a parent signature and i have tutoring after school anyway).

i'm so excited!! my two first cousins also recently joined and ayla, who is in my grade and also the most important person in the world to me, wants to go with me all the time.
there's also a women's only section, and a whole lot of fun exercise classes i can take. i am going to be the skinniest, happiest person soon enough.

i hope i can go wednesday afternoon instead of fucking tweed valley sport.

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