Monday, 11 April 2011

so incredibly sick!!

not even kidding. a few days ago i went to bed feeling rather shit, but expected to sleep it off. then i woke up the next morning and still felt sick. then the next day i had work, which most likely wore me out. not to mention the fact i got pretty fucked up right after and then had to go home and go straight to bed because i felt like utter shit. today i woke up sick again, and oh my god my nose is that blocked etc that when i woke up my septum was actually stuck. ahahahaha.
i spent the day watching skins, cuddling with juleyin, knitting, cleaning and smoking weed in my backyard. it was pretty lovely, except for the feeling like crap bit. i'm also a little peeved off because i was only cleaning the whole bloody house because we had an inspection on at 4 o'clock. then at 3 mum calls me telling me it was cancelled. hmph.
then juleyin got called into work. apparently he was meant to be working tonight, but we both swear he wasn't working again until saturday, that's why he was staying over tonight in the first place, we were so happy. so the poor thing had to go into work half-stoned :( but he's coming back over here after he finishes work at 10, so that's a plus. he left all his stuff here, including his laptop, which is why i'm writing this now.

today i finished two whole disks of the third season of skins. i'm not getting into it as much as i used to, which saddens me. merh. i hate television.

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